American Agri-Women’s “American Grown Goodness” program underway

American Agri-Women (AAW) has established a trademark program, American Grown Goodness, which is designed to provide a way for growers, processors and marketers to identify their American grown products. Producers can either print the American Grown Goodness logo on the packaging of American grown products or adhere a small sticker to fresh or packaged products. A brochure on American grown products is also being produced by AAW.

“Concerns about food safety are on the rise as more of both our fresh and processed food comes from other countries. Consequently more consumers have an interest in knowing where their food is produced, so this program will help them make decisions about what to purchase,” asserted AAW President Marcie Williams. “Many states have similar state-grown programs but this program will promote all U.S. grown products.”

AAW is in the process of identifying and contacting American grown producers to make them aware of the availability of the program and to encourage them to sign up to participate and use the trademark.

The American Grown Goodness program will be featured on a future episode of the American Agri-Women TV show to air on satellite and cable networks in 2009.

To learn more about this program and encourage your local producers and companies who might be interested in this program, go to American Agri-Women web site. The application for the American Grown Goodness program can be accessed from the link at the top of the homepage. AAW is also developing a database of such companies and would welcome information about companies interested in being included in this database. Please send this information to [email protected].

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