The arid west displays scenic vistas

Far West Texas and southern New Mexico offer stunning vistas, stark beauty and contrasts of green and browns, blues and whites and reds and greens.  Green spaces show along the rivers and canals and where irrigation turns the dry soil into productive fields of cotton, chile and pecans. Red and green chile peppers create contrasting patches of color in New Mexico State University research plots. White puffy clouds drift lazily over the mountain ranges to the north of Las Cruces and to the North and South of El Paso.

The gray mountain peaks are dappled by dark splotches as clouds drift across the near barren landscape.

Pima cotton blossoms show their distinctive first-day yellow color and the white of mature bolls stands out against the green foliage.

A drive up I-10 from El Paso to Las Cruces and a drive south from El Paso into Tornillo and other farm communities reminds a visitor of how scenic the west can be.

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