K-State Plant Pathologist: Remember preharvest intervals for wheat fungicides

In view of the June 24 news that the Kansas Department of Agriculture embargoed wheat at several grain elevators and fields, a Kansas State University scientist is cautioning producers to remember applied chemicals´ required preharvest interval times when planning wheat harvest.

"The wheat harvest is underway in Kansas, and likely many growers are battling weather to get the crop out of the field," said K-State Research and Extension plant pathologist Erick De Wolf. "However, it is important that growers carefully follow the label for any fungicides they applied this growing season."

Farmers should check their records to identify which fields received a fungicide application and verify the date of application, De Wolf said. The Pre Harvest Intervals (PHI) for some of the more common fungicides applied to wheat are: Quilt - 45 days, Tilt - 40 days, and Stratego - 35 days.

"The Headline label does not give a number of days, but specifically states application must be made prior to flowering," he said.

The June 24 KDA news release stated that the department´s investigation is focused on late applications of Quilt, a fungicide that requires a 45-day waiting period between application and harvest.

"(Quilt´s) active ingredients have a low toxicity in humans. However, residue from its active ingredients must not exceed limits established by EPA or FDA," the release stated.

More information about the embargo actions is available on the KDA Web site: http://www.ksda.gov/news/id/165.

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