K-State Southwest Center to host field day in Garden City

Kansas State University´s Southwest Research and Extension Center will host its 2008 Field Day Aug. 28 in Garden City.

The day will begin with registration from 8:30 to 9:15 a.m. and feature agricultural product displays, as well as field tours in the morning and seminars in the afternoon. Coffee and donuts during registration plus a no-cost lunch will be provided, sponsored by commercial exhibitors.

The field tours will be repeated to allow attendees to participate in both, which will include the following topics:

  • Status of biological control of field bindweed in Kansas,
  • Management of dectes stem borers in soybeans,
  • A comparison of five herbicides,
  • Post-emergence grass control in ALS-resistant grain sorghum,
  • Kixor and Huskie herbicides for broadleaf control in grain sorghum,
  • Impact of volunteer Roundup Ready corn on winter wheat, and
  • Annual and perennial biofuel production.

Participants can earn one to two credits toward commercial pesticide applicator recertification by attending the morning tours.

The afternoon seminar topics will include:

  • Management strategies to improve profitability - beef cattle research at the K-State Agricultural Research Center-Hays,
  • Feeding distiller´s grain by-products - summary of recent K-State feedlot research,
  • Deficit irrigation - can we make it work, and
  • Irrigation scheduling using KanSched2 and Mobile irrigation lab report on center-pivot evaluation.

More information about the field day and applicator recertification credits is available by contacting the K-State Southwest Research- Extension Center at 620-276-8286.

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