New initiative focuses on critical role of soil health

Farm Foundation and Noble foundation initiative to increase awareness of soil health role in agricultural enterprises.

A new initiative from Farm Foundation, NFP and The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation is designed to draw attention to the critical role soil health plays in the challenge of feeding 9 billion people by 2050. This announcement also marks World Soil Day on Dec. 5.

 The Soil Health Initiative will bring recognition to the central role of soil in productive agricultural systems, and establish a strategic plan to address soil health issues.


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 "Soil health is a key factor in any agricultural production system, whether conventional or organic, yet soil is too often ignored or overshadowed by other factors," says Noble Foundation President Bill Buckner. "It is critical that producers-the people working directly with the land-be in close communication with researchers and policymakers to ensure that their challenges are recognized and our soils are protected and sustained for future generations."


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