Random photos show wonder of rural America: UPDATED

One of the most enjoyable aspects of working as an agriculture editor is spending a good amount of time in farm country and watching as crops mature, seasons change and weather display its capricious nature. We talk to farmers and ranchers about how all those elements affect what they do and how they adjust accordingly. We get to tell those stories and take photographs to help illustrate how they go about their jobs. And often, in the dozens of images we gather while in the field, we find pictures that don’t quite fit a particular story, so we file them away thinking maybe we can use them at a later date.

And sometimes we just see things that look interesting—a brilliant west Texas sunset, a rainbow, a picturesque old barn, a colorful wildflower or an unusual bug. The camera is handy. The light is still good and it doesn’t cost anything to take another digital image or two.

Here are some random shots I’ve saved over the last few months, with a few additional ones courtesy of my grandson.

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