Special soil testing campaign

A year with abundant rainfall and good crop yields may have taken a lot of nutrients from crop land. Farmers are advised to soil test now to ensure adequate fertility for 2011 crops and to make purchase decisions before prices rise. A Texas AgriLife Campaign offers reduced fees.

As soils dry out this fall, producers can gear up for next year's growing season by soil sampling now to determine the status of soil nutrients in their fields and pastures. 

A year like 2010 with above normal rainfall, followed by excellent crop yields produced conditions that have allowed many of our soil nutrients to be depleted.  Moreover fertilizer prices have started to rise again, all the more reason to soil sample now to determine what actual soil nutrients will be needed for the coming crop season.

The Coastal Bend Soil Testing Campaign, coordinated by local offices of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service—for farms in Aransas, Bee, Jim Wells, Kleberg/Kennedy, Live Oak, Refugio, Nueces, and San Patricio Counties—is underway now through November 30. Soil samples may be turned in at your local County Extension Office for analysis at up to a 33 percent reduced testing fee. 

Soil tests will be run by the Texas A&M University Soil Testing Laboratory for a reduced fee of $6 per sample for the Routine Analysis and $10 for Routine /Micronutrient Analysis during this special campaign. This special soil testing campaign is for row crop farmers and ranchers with improved pastures. 

Soil sample bags and test information sheets may be obtained in the County Extension Office.   For more information call the Nueces County Extension Office at 361-767-5223.

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