Spreading the word on conservation tillage (video)

[video: id=streamhoster-http://web18.streamhoster.com/pentonmedia/penton/scanon/bafb4426-3c44-4fab-9308-cc0efb326f4a.flv, thumb=http://web18.streamhoster.com/pentonmedia/penton/scanon/634056247603864513.gif]

As fuel prices continue to rise and environmental regulations grow ever more strict, farmers in the West are becoming more interested in conservation tillage. Farm advisers and other specialists with the University of California’s Cooperative Extension Service talked about the subject at this year’s World Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif. Here, Dan Munk, farm adviser in Fresno County, gives an overview of what the specialists discussed at this year’s show.

TAGS: Management
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