Massey Ferguson introduces stronger mid-range tractors

The new 400 Series tractors from Massey Ferguson bring a new look, size and power to the mid-range 45 to 69 PTO horsepower field. Customer requested features make the 400 Series more operator-friendly and more versatile than competitive tractors. New standard and optional features make the MF 451, MF 471 and MF 481 easy to handle and efficient, while the Perkins Fastram engines deliver plenty of power on demand.

“We have given these tractors the strength and muscle to get the job done,” says Denis Alize', General Marketing Manager, Massey Ferguson. “They are heavier than competitive models, more than half a ton heavier in most cases, and their hydraulic pumps give them more muscle when it comes to heavy lifting. That combination of heavy lifting and weight makes them an ideal tractor, whether landscaping or moving big bales.”

The MF 451 packs 45 PTO horsepower into a 5,238 pound package on the 4-WD version and 4,738 lbs on the 2-WD model. With 22.4 gpm total hydraulic flow, it out-pumps most competitors in its class by as much 50 percent or more, leaving plenty of power for front end loaders or rear mounted equipment. It can be fitted with either industrial or agricultural tires.

“The R4 industrial tires stand up better on asphalt, provide better contact and are heavier all around,” says Alize'.

The 59 PTO horsepower MF 471 and 69 PTO horsepower MF 481 bring even more power and strength to the table. Their 4-WD versions weigh in at just over 6,300 pounds and pump out 24.6 gpm total hydraulic flow for pushing, pulling and lifting power. These two models are also available in 2-WD.

“These tractors have the weight and the power to hold their own with mid-range mounted and pull-type attachments and implements,” says Alize'. “At the same time, they are responsive and easy to handle with a turning radius as little as 10-12 feet, speeds from 1.0 to 21 mph and an optional 8F/8R synchronized shuttle gear box on the 471 and 481 models. The increased maneuverability in difficult conditions with 4-WD makes these tractors even more versatile.”

The new series offers two spool valves standard.

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