Monsanto draws Texas winner

Martin Schur of Plainview, Texas, was recently named winner of the Monsanto Centers of Excellence field days sweepstakes. As contest winner, Schur received a Redball 420 Lay-by Spray-Hood valued at $7,737.

Schur's name was drawn from approximately 2,000 entries submitted by growers at 12 Monsanto Centers of Excellence field days held across the Cotton Belt during the summer and fall.

Redball, LLC donated the sprayer for the drawing.

The primary objective of the Centers of Excellence field days is to teach growers the best conservation-tillage practices to use in their part of the country and explain the many economic and environmental benefits of reduced-tillage systems. Growers who attend the field days have the opportunity to learn these techniques from other local farmers and university and industry specialists.

“Redball representatives have been informing growers about specific conservation — tillage equipment needs at our field days for the last few years,” said John Bradley, conservation-tillage specialist with Monsanto Company. “We appreciate their participation in the Centers of Excellence field day program and their donation of a sprayer to our sweepstakes.”

Monsanto Company is a leading global provider of agricultural products that improve farm productivity and grower profitability. For more information on conservation tillage or Monsanto's products, visit

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