National mall event to make cotton “A Natural Part of Everyday Life”

Continuing their effort to relate cotton’s natural attributes to consumers in order to increase demand for cotton, Cotton Incorporated has launched a consumer-directed marketing campaign to maximize exposure of their recently introduced Natural™ Seal of Cotton trademark. “With the average consumer visiting a mall 2.9 times a month, malls are an excellent venue for this campaign,” states J. Berrye Worhsam, president & CEO, Cotton Incorporated.

One of the central objectives of the branded campaign is to break through the clutter in sustainability marketing that seems to be confusing consumers. “Delivering a clear, relevant message using the tagline ‘A Natural Part of Everyday Life,’ we think will help consumers remember cotton’s many attributes and in general, encourage them to choose cotton and cotton products when shopping,” adds Worsham.

A total of 85 malls (at least one in each of the 50 states) will host the campaign in a rolling format from April through December. The campaign itself will be brought to life through large-scale mediums like sky banners, elevator door art and floor graphics. “We are also partnering with retailers who are providing sales incentives and sweepstakes messaging that will drive consumers to to submit an entry in a drawing for an iPod,” concludes Worsham.

Visit to see a complete list of participating malls and event dates.

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