Neugebauer to serve on Agriculture, Financial Services Committees

WASHINGTON – Rep. Randy Neugebauer will serve on the Agriculture and Financial Services Committees during the 109th Congress, his office announced.

Neugebauer's reappointment to the Agriculture Committee benefits West Texas and the Big Country as he is in a position to influence policy that affects rural and agricultural America, according to the announcement.

The appointment also gives him a seat at the table when discussions concerning the reauthorization of the 2002 farm bill begin later this year.

"I am proud to once again serve on the Agriculture Committee," Neugebauer said. "Writing a new farm bill, implementing an animal identification system for cattle that respects the privacy rights of producers and creating a level field in the world market for our agricultural products will be at the top of my agenda as we head into the new Congress."

Neugebauer believes his assignment to the Financial Services Committee complements his seat on the Agriculture Committee and allows him to represent the diverse interests within the district. Neugebauer will draw on his time as a small businessman to help develop policies that enhance economic and community development in West Texas and the Big Country.

"While agriculture is the backbone of the 19th district, cities such as Abilene and Lubbock are growing economic centers in the region," Neugebauer said. "A seat on the Financial Services Committee gives me the opportunity to play a more influential role in easing regulatory burdens that hinder local economic development."

Reps. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., and Michael Oxley, R-Ohio, serve as chairmen of the Agriculture and Financial Services Committees. Subcommittee assignments for these two committees have not yet been decided.

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