New Humatech facility begins production

Humatech Inc. President and CEO David Williams has reported that the company has built, and placed into full time production, a new plant adjacent to its existing production facility in Albuquerque, N.M. The new plant is producing the company's Agri-Hume product in granular form. Shipments were scheduled to begin in early February, with first orders going to Humatech's European Union distributor, Humatech Ltd.

“We have a long queue of customers, some of whom have used Agri-Hume powder in the past, as well as at least two major national fertilizer blenders, who have been patiently waiting for this product,” said David Caney, managing director of Humatech Ltd. “It became apparent from customer feedback last year that significant volumes in sales would be possible with a granular product, and that large-scale customers, such as the fertilizer blenders, would also prefer to offer their customers our product in granular form.

“One of the first customers to take delivery is a large farming cooperative by the name of Mole Valley Farmers, with 2004 sales of $250 million. They will be blending Agri-Hume into their own fertilizer blends for their farming clients. Additional orders will be going to our strategic partner J & H Bunn, with 2004 sales of $190 million, as soon as additional product reaches our docks.”

Williams said the demand for the granular dry product is stronger than expected, which prompted the company to go into production as soon as possible. “We have more to do at the plant, with additional processing and faster, more automated bagging equipment to install. This will further improve production rates and delivery capabilities for each of our dry product lines,” he said.

“Customer acceptance is strong, and our sales revenues continue to increase quarter over quarter from the previous year. The demand is expected to grow consistently throughout the months and years ahead as our fertilizer dealers and farmers are able to distribute our newly granulated and dust-free Agri-Hume as a stand alone, easily applied product, and also integrate more of our Agri-Hume into their fertilizer blends.

“After working in the crop side of the business for more than 25 years, this new granulated Agri-Hume is, for me, a personal dream come true.”

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