New Mexico ethanol plant to double in size

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) recently congratulated Abengoa Bioenergy Corporation for beginning a 15 million gallon per year expansion to its ethanol plant in Portales, New Mexico.

Financing for the expansion is being provided through Industrial Revenue Bonds approved and issued by the city of Portales, and when completed, the plant will process over 11 million bushels of grain sorghum into 30 million gallons of ethanol and approximately 90,000 tons of distillers grains annually.

“The RFA congratulates Abengoa Bioenergy on their major expansion,” RFA President Bob Dinneen stated. “Expanding the Portales ethanol plant will expand the positive economic impact on New Mexico. This is a great example of a successful ethanol plant outside the ‘Corn Belt.’ With increasing ethanol demand, we may see more projects like it in the future.”

“New Mexico is important to us, and we have a foundation in place at Portales to build for the future by producing even more ethanol,” said Abengoa Bioenergy president Javier Salgado. “Expanding our facility in Portales further strengthens our position as a global leader in ethanol production and our commitment to produce renewable fuels that will benefit the economy of New Mexico.”

Abengoa Bioenergy designed the expansion of the Portales facility and will coordinate the construction.

Currently, 81 ethanol plants nationwide have the capacity to produce nearly 3.6 billion gallons annually. There are 16 ethanol plants and 2 major expansions under construction with a combined annual capacity of over 750 million gallons.

For more information, visit the Renewable Fuels Association Web site at:

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