News of agribusiness: D&PL announces 2007 dryland protection program

Delta and Pine Land Company (D&PL) is offering a Southwest dryland protection program that reduces a producer’s seed expense in the event drought significantly limits lint production on his farm.

“When sufficient moisture is available, stacked-gene cotton varieties have a history of producing top-end yields and fiber quality in the Southwest production areas,” says Rick Rice, marketing director at D&PL.

“But since lack of moisture can reduce yields so significantly in that part of the world, some farmers question whether they can afford top-grade technology varieties on dryland acres. We believe the 2007 D&PL Dryland Protection Program will make it easier for farmers to choose the very best varieties, even on dryland acres.”

The 2007 D&PL Dryland Protection Program is for non-irrigated acres planted to D&PL-brand cotton varieties containing Monsanto cotton technology. If, due to drought, a farmer harvests less than 150 pounds of lint per acre, D&PL will credit the farmer’s seed supplier for 50 percent of the units used to plant the low-production acres. D&PL will notify farmers by letter after credit has been issued.

The program is valid only for the 2007 crop year in Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and specific counties in West Texas.

For complete 2007 D&PL Dryland Replant Program requirements, please contact a D&PL district sales manager or call D&PL customer service at 1-888-511-SEED (7333).

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