NRCS reopens two application periods for grant programs

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) announced submission of proposal applications for the 2009 Agricultural Water Enhancement Program (AWEP) has been reopened until April 1, 2009. The previous deadline to submit applications was March 2.

Project proposals from eligible partners may be sent to the Chief of NRCS per the previously issued Notice of Request for Proposals (RFP). Applicants who submitted proposals in time to meet the original deadline may re-submit applications with modifications to those proposals by the new deadline of April 1. Applicants who have already submitted are not required to re-submit, but may do so in order to address the new ranking considerations.

The announcement to reopen the application period adds new ranking considerations to address energy conservation, renewable energy production, mitigating climate change and facilitating climate change adaptation, and carbon sequestration.

In addition, NRCS also announced the application period for 2009 Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) funding has been extended to March 20, 2009. The previous deadline to submit applications was March 2.

For additional information about AWEP and CIG, visit the NRCS Web site.

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