Omega gets Section 18 to control Sclerotinia

Peanut growers in Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia and North Carolina will be able to use Omega fungicide from Syngenta Crop Protection under a Section 18 Emergency Exemption Label for the control of Sclerotinia blight in peanuts.

A broad-spectrum fungicide, Omega contains the active ingredient fluazinam. In numerous field trials, Omega provides equal or better control of Sclerotinia blight and peanut yields compared to its competitors.

“Omega is unique because it stops the fungus in two ways — by inhibiting its respiration and by producing energy within the fungus, which reduces spore germination,” says Fred Yates, Syngenta fungicide brand manager.

“This mode of action with multiple sites is a significant advantage for the fungicide, making development of resistant strains extremely unlikely.”

Because it is not toxic to important non-target and beneficial insects, Omega will be an excellent fit in peanut growers' Integrated Pest Management (IPM) control programs. Omega users can also expect excellent crop safety and tank-mix compatibility.

Applied at low rates of 1 to 1.5 pints per acre, Omega can be used effectively in diluted or concentrated sprays. The first application must occur prior to the onset of disease, preferably 45 to 70 days after planting or when conditions are conducive to disease development. A sequential application can be made three to four weeks later.

If environmental conditions remain favorable for disease development, a third application can be made another three to four weeks later. o not exceed more than 4 pints per acre per season.)

A Section 18 Emergency Exemption is authorized by the Environmental Protection Agency allowing states to use a pesticide for an unregistered use for a limited time if the EPA determines emergency conditions exist.

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