Farm Press launches new tree nut e-newsletter

Tree Nut Farm Press is a new e-newsletter from Western Farm Press and Southwest Farm Press that is being digitally broadcast to producers, pest control advisers (PCAs), marketers and others involved in the Western tree nut industry.

There are more than 1.2 million acres of almonds, walnuts, pistachios and pecans in production in California, Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas — generating farm gate income of more than $3.5 billion annually.

Tree Nut Farm Press is written edited by veteran journalist Greg Northcutt and Western Farm Press editor Harry Cline. It contains information about what is happening in the orchards and groves from growers, pest control advisers, Extension researchers and consultants, as well the latest market information for almonds, walnuts, pistachios and pecans.

It is sponsored by Cheminova.

“Cheminova is delighted to be a sponsor of what we believe will be an important tool for tree nut producers,” says Jim Barrentine, technical director, Cheminova, Inc. “Western Farm Press and Southwest Farm Press are the most respected agricultural publications in California, Arizona and the Southwest. Farm Press’ veteran editorial staff is providing timely and accurate information about the Western tree nut industry via this e-newsletter.”

Here are highlights from the e-newsletter distributed so far this season:

• PCA Mark Carter reports very good overlapping pollination in almond varieties.

• Economics may limit pecan grower's 2009 production plans

• Tips for tuning up micro-irrigation systems

• Walnut grower benefits from closer tree spacing

• Pistachio frost damage light, spotty

Tree Nut Farm Press will be distributed through November.

To review the content of all the recent issues and to subscribe, go to: Western Farm Press.

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