The faces of 2015 helped us tell an ever-evolving story of SW Agriculture

The best part of a farm editor’s job is the privilege of meeting some of the finest people on earth. I rarely leave a farm or ranch without  feeling that I have made a new friend. I always appreciate the time they take to visit with me, tell me how their crops are progressing, how their livestock herds are making it through drought, storms or cold weather. I never tire of bouncing across terraced fields, rutted county roads or crawling into a combine or cotton stripper to get a birds-eye view of harvest. I enjoy sitting at their kitchen tables, in their farm shops or beneath shade trees scribbling notes and learning how they work their miracles. I often promise to drop in when I’m in the neighborhood; sometimes I do, but most often some other chore or impending dusk compels me to drive on down the road.

I appreciate the folks who support farm and ranch families—Extension agents, sales reps, gin managers, association leaders and even some government officials.

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Agriculture is a close-knit community and I feel fortunate that they allow me access.

Above you’ll see some of the people I’ve talked with over the past year. Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of Southwest agriculture for another year.

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