Peanut growers urged to continue support for National Peanut Board

The Texas Peanut Producers Board is urging the state’s peanut growers to vote “YES” to re-authorize the National Peanut Board (NPB). Growers will soon be receiving a ballot from NPB where they will have the opportunity to continue support for a board that funds valuable peanut research.

“NPB understands the value of production research,” said Otis Lee Johnson, Seminole peanut farmer and TPPB chairman.

Johnson said since NPB’s inception in 2000, it has invested more than $12 million on 275 research projects. Over $2.5 million of those funds have come back to Texas for in-state research.

“The funds from NPB have accelerated and broadened the Texas seed breeding program,” Johnson said. “New varieties are being released with higher yield and early maturing capabilities, better stress tolerance, more diseases resistance, and are better adapted to the West Texas climate and environment.”

NPB has also invested more than $6 million in food allergy education, research and outreach to help consumers learn more about food allergies.

Shelly Nutt, TPPB executive director, says NPB’s food allergy investment has been devoted to helping identify causes of food allergies through programs, treatments and solutions for food allergies.

“Just this month, we saw some groundbreaking results from a food allergy study that is funded in part by NPB that could really make a difference for food allergy sufferers,” Nutt said. The ongoing Duke University and Arkansas Children’s Hospital study shows promising results in building tolerance to peanuts in those with severe peanut allergy.

Marketing and promotion is another important component of the NPB’s program of work. Since its inception, the board has implemented a comprehensive retail and foodservice strategy geared toward increasing the usage of peanuts among national and regional restaurant chains and other foodservice providers, including colleges and universities, the military, and other national commercial feeders.

The work of NPB doesn’t stop at our nation’s border. With exports remaining an important market for peanuts, NPB works with the American Peanut Council to increase the use of USA-grown peanuts across the globe.

“The directors and staff of the Texas Peanut Producers Board appreciate the work and cooperation of the National Peanut Board,” Johnson said. “We realize the value of NPB and encourage producers to vote “YES” to re-authorize the National Peanut Board to keep them working on behalf of the nation’s peanut farmers and their families.”

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