Peanut profitability winner never gets bored

Murray Phillips doesn’t get bored. His diverse Frio County, Texas, farm offers plenty of activity year-round with corn (sweet, white and yellow), cotton, wheat (irrigated and dryland) green beans, spinach, carrots and, his favorite, peanuts.

“We are peanut farmers,” Phillips says. “It’s the most acreage I grow and my favorite crop.” That’s about 2,000 acres this year on which he expects to average 5,000 pounds per acre if all goes well. “Sometimes we’ll make 6,000 pounds on some areas,” he says.

Consistent yields and attention to production detail earned Phillips the 2013 Farm Press Peanut Profitability Award for the Southwest region.

He farms near Pearsall, Texas, about 50 miles south of San Antonio.


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