Planting season well underway for High Plains crops

Rainfall has delayed some field work in the Texas High Plains, but those rains have also brought needed moisture to farmers who are in full swing planting cotton, peanuts, some grain and various other crops.

A “planting rain,” as some call it, should get crops off to a good start and better able to hold on for whatever the summer might bring.

Rains have delayed planting and other field work but producers think crops will catch up with good weather.

Many producers are running irrigation systems to supplement recent rainfall to get land ready to plant or to “water up,” the crops.

Winter grains have matured and have either been harvested, will soon be harvested or have been terminated to use for residue in no-till cropping systems.

A few dust trails indicate where machinery is moving through distant fields, but the multitudes of dirt devils spawned by the dire droughts of recent years are absent. So far, planting season in the High Plains seems to be off to a good start. Fingers crossed.

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