Spanish-type peanuts claim most acreage

Sixty-six percent of the peanut acres in Oklahoma were planted in 2009 to a high oleic variety, according to an Oklahoma State University Production Technology Report.

Spanish market types were grown on the greatest acreage in Oklahoma, accounting for 41 percent of the state total. Runner and Virginia Market types accounted for 37 percent and 22 percent, respectively, of the state’s total peanut acres.

“The increase in acres planted to Spanish varieties is an increase over past years,” said Chad Godsey, OSU Cooperative Extension cropping systems specialist in Stillwater. “From 2005-2008, Runner market types were planted on the majority of acres.”

In all, Oklahoma produces planted 13,202 acres in peanuts during 2009. In terms of the 1,093,150 pounds sold in 2009, Runner and Spanish peanuts accounted for 37 percent each, with Virginia-type peanuts totaling 26 percent.

Three Runner varieties – accounting for 4,921 acres – were planted in Oklahoma during the 2009 growing season: FlavoRunner 458, Tamrun OL02 and Tamrun OL07. Tamrun OL07 was planted on 80 percent of the Runner acres.

“Jupiter was the only Virginia variety reported being sold for planting in Oklahoma,” Godsey said. “The acreage planted was estimated at 2,847 acres.”

According to Oklahoma Agricultural Statistics 2008 data, counties producing more than 1 million pounds of peanuts were Beckham County, Greer County, Harmon County, Caddo County, Grady County, Tillman County, Custer County, Washita County and Blaine County, with Beckham, Caddo and Tillman counties each producing more than 4 million pounds of peanuts.

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