Pesticide certification classes near

Pesticide applicators need to check the expiration of their License or Certificate right away. Extension agents and high school ag instructors who offer CEU classes in December and early January get busy with stock shows after the New Year starts, and classes that are available in December may not be conveniently available in the two months before the renewal deadline.

Private Applicator Certificates expire on December 31, but TDA will not suspend an un-renewed Certificate until February 28. All Applicator Licenses, private, commercial and non-commercial, expire on February 28. If licenses are not renewed by the expiration date, the applicator will be subject to the normal license fee plus a 50% late fee. Certificate holders pay no license fees, but must meet the same CEU requirements for renewal.

Private applicators must earn 15 CEU, of which two must be in Laws & Regulations and two must be In Integrated Pest Management. Private applicator permits are valid for five years. TDA requires that at least 5 CEU credits must be earned in a classroom or field day setting. Applicators may earn up to 10 CEUs by self-study, either home study video programs or on-line courses.

Commercial and Non-commercial applicators must earn 5 CEUs every year. TDA has three required categories: Laws & Regulations; Integrated Pest Management and Drift Minimization. Commercial and Non-commercial applicators must have CEU credits in at least TWO of the three required categories. They may earn all 5 CEUs required for renewal by self-study programs every other year.

CEU availabilities may be checked by visiting the TDA Website Home Page: www.agr/ CEU training.

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