Phytogen PSC 355 cottonseed ample for 2002 season

Ample supplies of PhytoGen PSC 355 cottonseed are available as Certified Seed for the 2002 growing season.

PhytoGen PSC 355 is a proven, stable conventional variety that offers high yield potential on most soil types and under a wide range of management practices. Based on a three-year analysis (1999-2001) of available university official, early maturity trials throughout Texas, the Mid-South and Southeast, PSC 355 is the top-yielding variety across the Upland growing regions of the Cotton Belt. It is sold and supported through Dow AgroSciences.

“Simply put, certification is an independent assurance of genetic purity and serves as third party verification that production and quality standards are being met,” explains Bobby Haygood of Dow AgroSciences. “In addition to the high quality standards set by Phytogen, this certification helps insure quality seed from bag to bag and consistency within a variety from one production year to another.”

Seed production for PSC 355 is located in west Texas. According to Boe Burris, seed production manager for Phytogen Seed Company, the 2001 seed crop was grown and processed under certification guidelines of the Texas Department of Agriculture.

In addition to the state certification, new laboratory space and seed treatment equipment were added to the processing facility, additional seed quality testing methods were incorporated before and after delinting, and enhanced processing procedures were used to improve the overall quality of the seed. Premium seed treatments are being used to treat all PhytoGen varieties available for 2002.

“As a smaller seed company, we have the flexibility to go through the certification process required to offer certified seed to our customers,” points out Haygood. “We hope to be able to provide 100 percent certified seed in the future, because it helps insure our customers are receiving and planting seed with the highest genetic purity possible.”

For more information on PhytoGen varieties or the results of actual warm germ and cool germ tests, call 800-258-3033. Additional information is also available at or from local Dow AgroSciences representatives.

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