Pioneer corn hybrids strong on insect-resistance technology

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., will offer a selection of new corn hybrids this spring containing the latest insect-resistance and herbicide-resistance technologies.

Pioneer brand hybrids with the Roundup Ready gene and Pioneer hybrids containing the Herculex I insect protection trait will be available in limited quantities in selected geographies and are among products just introduced for 2003 planting, according to Bob Heimbaugh, corn business director at Pioneer.

“Outstanding results during 2002 field testing indicate top-of-the-line yield potential and agronomic performance in these new products,” says Heimbaugh. “Because the hybrids meet the stringent Pioneer advancement criteria, they have been selected for release in 2003. We're excited to offer producers the option of Roundup Ready weed control in corn, as well as the extra benefits Herculex I insect protection provides against black cutworm, fall armyworm and corn earworm in addition to excellent control of European and southwestern corn borer.”

Twelve Pioneer brand hybrids ranging from 78 to 112 comparative relative maturity (CRM) will contain Herculex I insect protection, while several mid-maturity hybrids will include the Roundup Ready gene. Five new waxy hybrids, six hybrids containing the YieldGard1 corn borer gene and one hybrid containing the LibertyLink3 gene round out the offering of new products containing value-added traits.

“Many of these products are conversions of time-tested genetics customers have come to rely upon,” Heimbaugh adds. “The new traits offer improved crop management options that growers can use to meet their unique production challenges.

“We are also excited to introduce two entirely new elite conventional hybrids, Pioneer hybrid 38R92 at 91 CRM and hybrid 38H67 at 97 CRM. Both are well-suited to the early-maturity areas of the Upper Midwest, as well as for use in dryland production in the Plains states,” Heimbaugh explains.

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