Providing greater diversification

Lindsay Manufacturing Co., a world leader in technology-driven irrigation systems, has unveiled Greenfield as the brand name for their newly acquired line of mechanical move irrigation systems.

The Greenfield line includes center pivot and pivoting lateral move systems specifically designed to irrigate smaller sized fields in a simple and efficient manner.

“The Greenfield line provides greater product diversification for Lindsay by entering a new market — highly efficient, small-field irrigation,” Lindsay President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Parod said. “We have great confidence in being able to supply customers in this special market with a high quality, durable product that will be serviced and sold by highly qualified dealers.”

Greenfield center pivots are engineered to irrigate from one to 60 acres and can be custom-sized by span length, overhand and end-gun options. Greenfield irrigation systems require extremely low power input using 24-volt control circuitry and 90 volt DC motors.

These systems provide accurate water distribution with low-pressure requirements, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications. Greenfield pivots are supported on 12-inch wide by 26-inch high flotation tires for minimum ground compaction and maximum crop clearance.

Greenfield pivoting lateral move systems are designed to irrigate up to 80 acres and will cover almost an entire rectangular shaped field. These low-pressure systems have the strength and power to pull their own water supply hose.

The unique pivoting feature allows the system to make a 180 degree turn at the end of a run so the system will irrigate the opposite side of the lane on its return trip. This feature gives an average six span system an effective coverage width of 1,360 feet while using the same hydrants for both runs across the field.

Both Greenfield irrigation systems have minimal wheel tracking and are hot dipped galvanized structures. The systems will be manufactured at Lindsay's newly acquired facility in Nunn, Colo., formerly known as Oasis Enterprises.

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