Readers at odds with proposed corridor, governor's view

Dear editor:

This (proposed Trans Texas Corridor) is an ill-conceived project. The project could or will have three separate high volume hazardous material carriers all in one small block.

Not if, but when one of these three carriers has an accident, it will adversely impact traffic on the rail and/or road traffic.

There is the potential for two of the carriers to have an event in close proximity, which would be a disaster.

The odds are slim for all three to be involved with a hazardous material event, but he result would be cataclysmic.

Put this at a major river crossing and the possible effect boggles the mind.
Bill Wilson
Little River, Texas

Dear editor:

I appreciate your article on the TTC taking prime Blackland Prairie farmland. Agriculture is very important to Texas now and will become increasingly important in the future. But, the current governor does not share that view.

He is pushing the TTC in spite of mass opposition from rural Texans. I'm glad the Texas Farm Bureau is opposed to the TTC, but I am puzzled as to why the organization's management still endorsed Perry.

How can it make sense to support the only candidate who does not oppose the TTC?
Nathan L. Weiss
Pflugerville, Texas

Dear editor:

The Trans Texas Corridor project championed by Gov. Rick Perry will bring about mass evictions of Texans from their homes, farms and ranches.

‘Quick Take’ authorized by HB 3588 will be used to force homeowners out in just 91 days. The 50-year contract with a foreign corporation is still a secret after over a year.

Our grassroots, cross-partison group has created a short video, to help inform more Texans of the more than half a million acre Perry TTC plan, and it is easily available for viewing online at:
Sal Costello
Founder of People for Efficient
Transportation PAC

Dear editor:

Could you please attempt to have the article printed in the Austin Statesman and perhaps even others.

Mr. Hensen is a great spokesperson, and should even get on national television in preserving the Blackland Prairie. Where else will farmland be created in the future?

Will the USA become even more dependent on imports?

Also, my instinct is that the 100,000 acres will mushroom as the demand will increase for a “like” road all the way to Canada, thus impacting the Midwest.

It's now or never! Let's roll! The time may be this November … but it will take everyone. That is, everyone going to the polls and taking 10 other folks with them.
Vernagene Mott
Pflugerville, Texas

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