Redeem R&P approved for use against broadleaf farm, range weeds

Livestock producers, farmers, horse owners and rural landowners have a new, non-restricted use herbicide option to control invasive broadleaf weeds in grassland.

It's Redeem R&P herbicide, recently registered by the Environmental Protection Agency for use on permanent grass pastures, rangeland and non-crop areas, including Conservation Reserve Program acres, fence rows and around out-buildings.

Manufactured by Dow AgroSciences, Redeem R&P herbicide is a new blend of herbicides developed to control broadleaf weeds and release grass production. Active ingredients in the low-odor formulation are clopyralid and triclopyr amine. The product does not contain 2,4-D and, in most states, does not require a license to purchase or apply.

Because Redeem R&P contains clopyralid - recognized as a premier ingredient for long-term thistle control - it kills thistles, roots and all, a critical element in stopping Canada thistle. Redeem also controls biennial thistles such as musk thistle and bull thistle, and also knapweed, common ragweed, dandelion, cocklebur, plantain, oxeye daisy, and many other problem weeds and thistles in pastures.

"Redeem fills an important need for landowners who may not have a license to apply restricted use pesticides, but who still want an effective herbicide to clean up broadleaf weeds in grazing areas," explains Lisa Bostock, marketing manager for Dow AgroSciences. "Redeem is also a convenient option for maintaining building sites and corrals, or for treating smaller pastures where it doesn't make sense to hire a custom applicator."

Redeem R&P has few grazing restrictions.

Beef cattle, horses, sheep and goats may graze before, during and immediately after application. Lactating dairy animals should not graze or be fed green forage harvested from treated areas within 14 days of application. Hay for lactating dairy animals should not be harvested from treated areas until the next growing season.

For other livestock, hay should not be harvested for seven days after treatment.

Redeem R&P can be applied with water or liquid fertilizer as a carrier. Broadcast application usually is preferred for large areas, but small weed patches can be treated using a hand-held sprayer.

Redeem will be packaged in one-gallon containers for the 2000 season.

For more information on Redeem R&P herbicide, contact the Dow AgroSciences Customer Information Center, via e-mail:[email protected]; or by phone at 1-800-263-1196.

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