See your seed with Clearview seed bags from Golden Acres Genetics

There's no longer a need to open the seed bag to check the size, treatment and overall high quality of the seed inside. Instead, getting a good look at the seed is as simple as looking through the window — in this case the window built right into the gusset of Golden Acres Genetics' ClearView seed bags.

“ClearView is the first innovation in seed bag packaging to hit the industry in a long time,” said Golden Acres President Lou Buice. “We're excited that this latest advance in technology was developed exclusively for Golden Acres brand seed.”

The ClearView bag is like any other high quality seed bag and is designed to protect the seed and open easily. What makes it unique, though, is the large, transparent window on the side of the bag, allowing a good look at the seed inside while the bag is stacked and sealed tight.

“The window doesn't replace good labeling,” Buice said. “Instead, it provides an easy way to check the seed quality and treatment while it's being delivered or picked up. The window also allows farmers to inspect their seed before opening the bag and dumping it into the planter. It's reassuring to know exactly what you're opening before pulling the string.”

The first Golden Acres ClearView bags will arrive in 2007 and will be phased into the product line over the next two years.

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