Senate passes farm bill with trade title, awaits Bush’s response

Having passed the Senate on a 77-15 vote on June 5, the full farm bill is headed to President Bush where it is expected to be vetoed yet again.

At least that’s what Chuck Conner, USDA deputy secretary, has said will happen. Conner also expects Congress to again quickly and easily override Bush’s veto.

Bush’s views on the $290 billion farm bill’s lack of subsidy reforms and cost to taxpayers “has not changed over the past couple of weeks,” said Conner.

Barring the trade title – which was accidentally left out of the bill first sent to Bush -- the farm bill has largely been in place since late May. The latest version sent to the White House was necessary to ensure the 34-page trade title became law. Despite the clerical mistake, USDA leadership has promised it is already implementing the new legislation.

President Bush has 10 days to veto the bill.

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