Soy-based products are helping clean up this spring

With the start of spring, many people are dusting off lawn mowers and touch up their homes, yards and cars as usual. However, this year consumers may notice the cost of petroleum-based products, like cleaners, oils and building supplies, are rising. These costs have caused many people to look for alternatives, and soy is providing the answers.

The United Soybean Board (USB) and the soybean checkoff are supporting the development of soy-based products that overcome these price challenges. Novel soy-based products on the market are helping manufacturers and do-it-yourselfers alike save money without sacrificing performance as they work around the house this spring. Examples of checkoff-funded soy products include:

· Roofing Assemblies – Consumers can find natural soybean-oil-based waterproofing for low-slope roofing assemblies. The benefits of this product are that it is nontoxic; safe for application; contains superior UV resistance as well as stain, mildew and mold resistance.

· Waterproofing Sealants – Soy-based waterproofing solutions are being used on masonry, concrete and roofing projects. Like soy roof coatings, the products are nontoxic, contain UV resistance, fight mildew and mold and are applied over large surfaces.

· Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners – Nontoxic carpet and upholstery cleaners made from soy help clean and fight bacteria and allergens caused by dust mites, indoor pets and mold. These products do not contain fragrance additions, chlorine or other harmful additives.

· Exterior Cleaners – Soy-based cleaners work well with water and are effective in all temperatures. They are environmentally friendly and effective on grease and soil spots. Some of the benefits of these products are that they are safe on skin and if spilled on the ground, and are not harmful to waterways and wildlife.

· Interior Cleaners – Most cleaners can be used on rubber, vinyl, metal, chrome and glass. The benefits of these cleaners are that they are nontoxic and biodegradable, and are created from renewable resources.

· “Whether you’re making improvements around the house or cleaning your truck, soy-based products can help reduce dependence on foreign sources of oil,” said Todd Allen, chair of USB’s New Uses Committee and soybean farmer from West Memphis, Ark. “U.S. soybean farmers are committed to supporting research and development of soy products to drive demand for our soybeans.” To learn more about soy-based products and where these products are commercially available, visit USB’s Soy Products Guide online at

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