SWPGA to provide co-op marketing service

The Southwestern Peanut Growers’ Association (SWPGA) has been approved as a Cooperative Marketing Association for the region’s peanut producers.

As a CMA, the association offers Southwestern growers an additional opportunity to marker peanuts, according to SWPGA manager Dan Hunter.

"Under the new farm program peanuts will be handled similarly to other program commodities," Hunter says. The availability of a Marketing Assistance Loan or a Loan Deficiency Payment is a cornerstone of the new program and may be obtained through the Southwest Peanut Growers’ Association."

SWPGA will be the only approved cooperative marketing association serving the Southwestern peanut growing region.

Hunter says Southwestern producers have several options when they bring crops into a buying point. "One will be to effect a commercial sale and/or get an LDP. All eligible producers can elect to receive a marketing assistance loan, which can be processed by SWPGA (CMA) or by the county Farm Service Agency (FSA). The loan option is the producer’s choice.

"A producer can have his warehouse receipt sent to SWPGA or physically go to the county FSA office. We are providing all the southwest area buying points with marketing assistance loan availability and CMA forwarding instructions," Hunter said.

Growers who opt to have the buying point forward information to SWPGA will save themselves the time of going to the FSA office to sign up for the loan.

"But more importantly," Hunter says," CMA opens up a new marketing option for the crop. When receiving loans through SWPGA, producers not only have the benefit of cooperative marketing, but also may elect other SWPGA services. Also any earned dividends will be sent to the producers."

For more information on the CMA and other peanut program issues, growers may assess the SWPGA Website at www.swpga.com. Growers also may call (254) 734-2222.

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