TDA announces exemption to use Prowl in Bermuda grass pastures

The Texas Department of Agriculture today has been granted approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to issue a Section 18 crisis exemption allowing the use of pendimethalin (Prowl H20) to control sand burs in Bermuda grass pastures and hay fields in Texas.

Prowl H20, manufactured by BASF Corp., may be applied following all directions, restrictions and precautions on the product exemption label. The exemption will remain in effect as long as is necessary for control of the sand burs in the current crop or until EPA makes a decision on the emergency specific exemption TDA has submitted.

This exemption allows only certified applicators, licensed applicators or persons under the direct supervision of licensed applicators to apply the pesticide for this specific use.

For more information, contact your county Texas Cooperative Extension office or TDA at (512) 463-7544. A copy of the approval notice is located on the TDA Web site at

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