TDA Committee Extends Deadline to Sept 20

The Texas Department of Agriculture Cotton Stalk Destruction Committee for the Lower Rio Grande Valley decided August 28 to extend the cotton stalk destruction deadline.

Due to the extenuating circumstances caused by extensive rainfall, the committee approved a blanket extension of the 2007 deadline for cotton to be non-hostable in the LRGV by 19 days to September 20, 2007. All LRGV cotton producers now have until that date to render their cotton non-hostable before enforcement action will begin. At this time, there is no need for producers to apply for individual extensions. If producers foresee that they will be unable to meet the extended deadline, they should apply to TDA for an individual extension shortly before that date.

Even though the non-hostable date has been extended, all producers are encouraged to make every effort practical to render their cotton non-hostable as soon as possible.

Every week that the Boll Weevil Foundation is required to continue spraying hostable cotton increases the cost of operating our program.

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