Texas Ag Commissioner Todd Staples to Kick- Off the Precision Ag Expo

Todd Staples, Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, will attend and make introductory remarks at the Precision Ag Expo that will be held September 6, at the Ollie Liner Center in Plainview. The Expo is sponsored by the Texas Plant Protection Association (TPPA) and co-sponsored by USDA-ARS, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Texas Cooperative Extension, New Mexico State University, Texas Tech University, West Texas A & M University, International Plant Nutrition Institute, National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants and the Texas Farm Bureau Texas Agriculture publication.

The Precision Ag Expo will be a day-long event that will begin at 8 AM. The Expo agenda will include both classroom style presentations and "hands-on" demonstrations and discussions in the field. This will be great opportunity for all involved in farming to learn about the latest precision ag practices and products from those that are leaders in working with this new technology.

After the Commissioner of Agriculture, presents the "Welcome", the program that follows will include the presentations and field demonstrations. The following is some of the outstanding program that has been developed:

· Why consider Precision Ag? Basic overview of Precision Ag and the benefits it could offer West Texas farmers. - Olan Moore, High Plains Consulting, Springlake, TX

· Guidance Systems: What can it do for my farming operation? What are the benefits? How to maximize the system? How to choose a system? How much does a system cost? (Opportunity to view various guidance systems during the afternoon demonstrations). - Jarred Karnei, AMS Regional Specialist, John Deere

Using Monitors to Improve Efficiency: Using monitors for planting seed, fertilizer, herbicides, etc. Can they improve the efficiency of your farming operation? - Trent Murphree, Precision Ag. Specialist, Raven Industries

Irrigation Management, Including Irrigation Scheduling System and Variable Rate Irrigation (Drip & Center Pivot) - based on soil temperature and soil moisture as well as plant stress. - James R. Mahan Ph.D., Plant Physiologist, USDA/ARS Plant Stress and Water Conservation Laboratory, Lubbock, TX

Methods of Measuring Soil & Crop Variability's: Discussion on using the Soil Conductivity Equipment, Aerial Imaging and Sprayer Mounted Remote-Sensing. Benefits and use of each to maximize crop inputs and improve profits. - Dr. Subbarao Yarlagadda, National Agronomist, Helena Chemical Co., Collierville, TN

Data Collection & Management (Consultants, agribusiness, Farmers) How is the data collected? Who manages the data? Who makes recommendation using the data? How do we measure the economics of the systems? - Dr. David Waits, President & CEO, SST Development Group, Inc., Stillwater, OK

Putting it all together- Can Precision Ag work on West Texas Farms to increase profits and reduce risk? - Eddie Griffs, Lubbock area Farmer & Radio Farm Broadcaster

What Precision Ag does for me on my farm? (3 farmers to discuss how to get started in Precision Ag and some of their experiences with precision ag)

Field Demonstrations & Visit Displays - Michael Dolle, Hale County Extension Agent, Field Committee Chairman

Guidance Systems Demonstrations
Soil Electricity Conductivity Demonstrations
Strip-Till Demonstrations
Variable Rate Technology & Aerial Imaging

Many precision ag firms and other agribusinesses will participate in the Expo and will have both equipment displays and other exhibits. Many of the precision ag firms will also be demonstrating their equipment in a field near the Liner Center.

Continuing Education Credits (CEU's) will be offered during the Expo for Texas Department of Agriculture Commercial Pesticide Applicator License and for Certified Crop Advisers.

Registration and other information can be found on the TPPA website http://tppa.tamu.edu/pae/2007/ or contact Bob Sasser, TPPA Executive Director, at (936) 539-2349 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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