In Texas grapefruit: EPA extends Section 18 exemption for Enable

Dow AgroSciences LLC has received an extension of a Section 18 Emergency Exemption from the EPA for use of Enable 2F fungicide in Texas for control of greasy spot on grapefruit.

Originally issued in August 2001, this Section 18 Exemption for Enable 2F now expires on Aug. 9, 2003.

Enable 2F is a protectant fungicide containing the active ingredient fenbuconazole. For control of greasy spot, growers should apply the product at a rate of eight fluid ounces per acre as a foliar spray with orchard sprayers.

Up to three applications of the product may be applied at 21-day intervals during the crop season. Enable 2F may not be used within 48 hours of harvest.

For the name of a local retail dealer in your area through which you may purchase Enable 2F fungicide, contact the Dow AgroSciences Customer Information Center, via e-mail: [email protected], telephone, 1-800-258-3033, or contact your local Dow AgroSciences field sales representative.

For more information on Enable 2F fungicide, visit

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