Texas Produce Convention Aug. 12-14

The 2004 Texas Produce Convention, scheduled Aug. 12-14 at the San Antonio Westin-Riverwalk Hotel, features a revamped meeting schedule, Thursday through Saturday with most convention activities condensed into Friday.

The full day begins with a Texas Produce “Pow-Wow” breakfast and round table discussions, which will explore issues facing the produce industry.

Participants at each table will focus on a different subject with facilitators to spearhead the discussion and keep conversation moving. Participants will be given opportunities to ask questions and discuss issues on key industry topics.

Following the round table discussions, attendees are invited to the convention general session, “The Goods on Produce and Nutritional Health.” This year's session focuses on the following topics:

How Big is the Problem of Poor Nutrition in Texas?; The Role of Government in School Nutrition; The Role of Produce in Addressing Nutrition Problems; The Role of Nutraceuticals in Produce

At lunch, the association pays tribute to industry leaders. Keynote speaker will be San Antonio native, Rep. Henry Bonilla. Other luncheon activities include, the Texas Citrus Mutual Special Award and the Texas Vegetable Association Award of Merit, and the first “Growing Up in Produce” kids photo showcase.

Thursday evening the Texas Produce Convention will officially kick off with the “Celebration of Texas Produce” Networking Reception and Mini-Expo at 7 pm. TPC sponsors provide the latest in industry trends while folks mingle and network.

Friday evening features “Vegas Texas Style” Casino Night and Silent Auction. All proceeds will benefit the Texas Produce Policy Council's State and Federal Political Action Committees.

For more information, call (956) 581-8632.

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