Texas rice field days June 29, July 8

BEAUMONT, Texas — The Texas A&M Research Station at Eagle Lake, Texas, will hold its annual rice field day June 29 beginning at 4 p,m. The research station at Eagle Lake was established in 1972 to provide research results applicable to the many soil types and climatic conditions of the western rice belt.

The Rice Research Center in Beaumont will hold its field day on July 8 beginning at 8 a.m. Farmers may attend either field day to learn the latest information in rice research from the Texas A&M University system and U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists.

Field day activities will begin with a tour of the research plots. Speakers will include USDA rice breeder Anna McClung giving an update on new rice varieties currently under development, with emphasis on TX 9092 and TX 1123, two long grain cultivars that may be released for production next year.

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station scientist Garry McCauley will discuss variety selection based on several years of research comparing the performance of hybrids, Clearfield varieties and traditional standard varieties. This year, new hybrid and non-hybrid varieties have been added to the study. This study is repeated at Eagle Lake, Beaumont and Ganado with ratoon production evaluations at all locations.

Texas A&M weed specialist Mike Chandler will discuss his research on weed control and the cost of using selected commercially available herbicides.

Beaumont center entomologist M.O. Way will discuss his collaborative research with Louisiana State University entomologist Gene Reagan on the Mexican stem borer. Assisted by LSU graduate student Francis Reay-Jones, the team is investigating the effect of planting date on stem borer activity and damage, as well as developing economic thresholds for the pest. Way will also discuss recent regulatory issues regarding Icon and Orthene.

Participants of both field days are treated to a dinner courtesy of BU Growers, a limited partnership business specializing in seed rice production, drying and storage, and rice brokering. Based in Bay City, Texas, the company has sponsored the Eagle Lake and Beaumont field days since 1989.

For those seeking Continuing Education Unit hours, training will be provided in laws and regulations toward pesticide license re-certification. One hour in integrated pest management and one hour in the general category will also be given to those on the field tour.

For more information contact Coleen Meitzen at 979-234-3578 or Brandy Morace at 409-752-2741, ext 2227.

e-mail: [email protected]

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