Valent's tank mixes control more pests

Cotton growers can now save a trip across the field when they apply broadleaf weed and thrips control β€” even if they are growing BXN cotton.

Valent Corporation U.S.A. received a recommendation for tank mixes of Orthene 90 S Soluble Powder or Orthene 97 insecticide with Buctril 4 EC herbicide or Staple herbicide.

β€œThe Orthene 90 S or Orthene 97 tank-mixes with Buctril or Staple can also be used on ultra-narrow-row cotton,” said Product Development Manager Kevin Perry.

The Orthene and Buctril tank-mix can be used on BXN cotton to control annual broadleaf weeds and thrips. The Orthene and Staple mixture can be used on conventional cotton.

Use Orthene 90 S at a rate of 3.2 ounces per acre with the appropriate rate of Buctril for the weeds controlled. Orthene 97 should be used at 2.5 to three ounces per acre with the appropriate Buctril rate. Apply the mixture in a minimum of five gallons per acre by air and a minimum of 10 gallons per acre for ground application.

Application of Buctril 4 EC to genetically modified cotton south of Florida Route 60 (Tampa) is prohibited.

For the Staple tank-mix, use 3.2 ounces of Orthene 90 S per acre with the correct rate of Staple and a non-ionic surfactant. Mix Orthene 97 at 2.5 to three ounces per acre with Staple and the surfactant.

This mixture should be applied foliar in a minimum of three gallons per acre by air and a minimum of 10 gallons of spray per acre by ground. Aerial application of the Orthene-Staple combination is prohibited in Arizona.

Either tank-mix should be applied when thrips first appear.

This recommendation applies to cotton grown in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

Previously available in lower concentrations, Orthene has provided consistent and effective insect control for 25 years. Orthene 90 S is available in 2.5 pound and 20-pound water-soluble packages.

Because Orthene 97 contains a higher percentage of the active ingredient acephate, growers are able to use lower per-acre rates to achieve the same results as with other products. Orthene 97 is available as a 0.773-pound canister or 7.73-pound resealable bag.

For more information about Orthene, Valent U.S.A. Corporation and our full product line, call 1-800-6 VALENT (800-682-5368), or visit the Valent Website at:

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