Texas is drought free — again

Drought is gone from Texas Abnormally dry spots trending wetter

Texas, again, is out of drought. The latest U.S. Drought Monitor released Monday, shows the state drought free. Only a half-dozen, scattered and small, areas of the state are even considered abnormally dry. And those “are transitioning to better (and wetter) conditions,” according to the weekly report, from the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB).

Reservoir levels, however, remain low in much of the western half of the state.

The numbers show: 0 percent of the state currently in drought status; 0.61 percent last week; 25 percent three months ago; 43 percent last year.

The dry spots include a small area near the Oklahoma State line in the Southeast corner of the Panhandle. Others dry areas show up in the Bib Bend area and in Central and South Texas.

The latest report supports predictions since last spring of a strong El Niño this fall.

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