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GRASS CONTROL: Batalium is strong against green foxtail, yellow foxtail and wild oats.

Arysta unveils new herbicide for wheat

Batalium offers three modes of action to control grasses and broadleaf weeds in spring, durum and winter wheat.

Spring, durum and winter wheat growers have a new tool for weed control. Arysta recently launched Batalium, a herbicide that contains three modes of action: flucarbazone-sodium (Group 2), fluroxypy (Group 4) and bromoxynil (Group 6) herbicides for control of grasses and broadleaf weeds in wheat.

Paul Neese, product development manager at Arysta LifeScience North America, says Batalium is built around Arysta's Everest 3.0 herbicide (flucarbazone-sodium).

"We're bringing that proven grass control and safety, and marrying it with two proven broadleaf control modes of action, all in one product," Neese says. "For grass control, Batalium is strong against green foxtail, yellow foxtail and wild oats. One of the ingredients is really good on those grass weeds."

However, with the other two active ingredients, Batalium controls a number of broadleaf weeds like common lambsquarter, kochia and pigweeds, such as redroot and spiny pigweed.

Batalium also offers application flexibility, Neese says. Application can be made from the two-leaf in wheat up to 60 days before harvest. It's tank-mix compatible with over 23 registered herbicides, and there's one rate for spring, durum and winter wheat: 13.7 fluid ounces per acre.


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