White Planter carts put squeeze on narrow transport

The new LR-20 and LR-30 Lift and Rotate Carts just made narrow transport even more narrow. The carts are the first to bring planter or drill transport width under 10 feet. Fully loaded with 200 gallon liquid fertilizer tanks and tillage attachments, a 30 foot wide drill measures only nine feet, 10 inches in transport mode.

“Our new Lift and Rotate Carts are designed to make planter transport easier and faster,” says Joe Bozung, General Marketing Manager, White Planter. “The carts aren't just for road work either. Both the LR-20 and LR-30 are designed to move mounted planters and drills as easily across the field as they do down the road.”

The carts are equipped with a 3-point quick hitch for easy pickup and accept economical rigid or versatile flex frame mounted planters. The LR-20 is designed to carry 6 row wide or 8 row 30-inch mounted planters and 20 foot-wide mounted drills.

The LR-30 can accommodate 8 row wide or 12 row 30-inch mounted planers and 30-foot wide mounted drills. Optional equipment includes two 200 gallon poly tanks for liquid fertilizer. The tanks mount on the cart just ahead of the 3-point hitch and rotate with the planer unit.

“These carts offer an economic alternative to more costly frame fold planter designs and provide a narrow transport option for grain drills too,” says Bozung. “They have been engineered to be simple to operate, durable in the field and narrower on the road.”

The operator simply backs the cart up to the planter or drill, secures hydraulics and connects the 3-point hitch. Once the unit is mounted on the cart, changing from road to field positions is controlled entirely from the tractor seat. The unit's 10,000 pound lift capacity is more than enough to handle full seed hoppers and the optional liquid fertilizer tanks.

“The implement carrier pivots on a rugged, four-inch pivot pin,” explains Gary Hamilton, sales engineer, White Planter. “The carrier supports and rotates the 3-point quick hitch as well as the optional fertilizer tanks.”

Four hydraulic remotes control lift and rotation as well as all normal planting functions. Hydraulic controls automatically extend the tongue on the LR-30 to accommodate rotation of 30 foot planters and drills. The tongue automatically retracts when the cart is returned to field position.

The heavy duty lift system, with parallel linkage, supports and lowers the drill or planter to the proper position for optimum seed placement. Either row units or planter frame mounted tillage attachments can be accommodated.

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