X-Tra Power aids corn, soybean plants' growth

In a time of rising costs and uncertain markets, every crop input must show a positive return on investment. X-Tra Power, a Crop Health product from StollerUSA, does exactly that by helping corn and soybean plants reach their full genetic potential.

An in-furrow application of 2 pints of X-Tra Power at planting boosted corn yields by 13.3 bushels per acre in 2004 and 30.0 bushels per acre in 2005 in research plots at the University of Illinois.

According to Wayne Pedersen, Ph.D., plant pathologist at the University of Illinois, “I am very encouraged…this study demonstrated X-Tra Power can significantly influence yields. The final impact will be seen when we begin to test it in growers' fields.”

X-Tra Power is part of a new category of production technology that is designed to protect and maximize the genetic potential bred into plants. It enhances root growth, seedling vigor and reproductive growth, setting the stage for higher yield potential.

“The proprietary mixture of growth-enhancing co-factors has been selectively balanced to correct micronutrient concerns, increase seedling vigor and pre-condition the crop to better tolerate adverse weather conditions,” said Jerry Stoller, president and CEO of StollerUSA. “This is especially important in no-till or reduced-tillage production.”

X-Tra Power combines copper, magnesium, manganese and zinc with amino-acid growth-supporting co-factors. These nutrients help plants maintain a healthy hormone balance, because each nutrient is important for the functioning of the enzymes responsible for the specific hormone production needed for controlled vegetative growth and increased reproductive growth.

For best results, Stoller researchers recommend applying X-Tra Power in early growth stages, with the greatest impact seen when used in furrow with liquid starter fertilizer or tank mixed with early post-emergence herbicide sprays. The result is higher kernel weight and yields in corn, and thicker stems, more branching and improved yields in soybeans.

For more information about X-Tra Power, visit www.stollerusa.com.

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