XSAg.com, eCotton.com enter marketing pact

XSAg.comSM, the world's leading exchange for agricultural inputs, has announced a strategic marketing alliance with eCotton.com, the most advanced online commodity and information exchange for the cotton industry. The partnership provides eCotton.com users with a complete and seamless e-commerce solution for farm inputs, powered by XSAg.com.

“ECotton users have been able to sell cotton on the Internet; now they'll be able to buy inputs as well,” said Scott Peoples, director of marketing at XSAg.com. “Clicking a link at eCotton.com will transport users to an eCotton-branded, completely secure inputs trading exchange with XSAg.com as the engine. It's seamless, it's simple and it opens new doors for farmers and retailers — which is what we're all about.”

In addition to the services already provided by eCotton.com — including online trading, news, information and weather — users will reap the rewards of the easy-to-use innovations and exceptional services that have made XSAg.com a leader in e-commerce. These services include three ways to trade: Auction, Fixed-Price and Name Your Price formats — allowing buyers and sellers greater flexibility. Once deals are made, users will benefit from XSAg.com's full service escrow and logistics fulfillment systems.

Meanwhile, the stream of users from eCotton.com opens new opportunities for XSAg.com's buyers and sellers.

“The alliance extends the services and reach of both companies, which, in turn, strengthens both brands,” said Jeff Gilbrech, chief executive officer and founder of eCotton.com. “ECotton.com, XSAg.com and many thousands of buyers and sellers will all benefit from the opportunity to do more business with more people. That's real growth. That's e-commerce done right.”

Based in Memphis, eCotton is the most advanced online commodity and information site for the cotton industry. For more information on eCotton, visit the Web site at www.ecotton.com or call toll-free at 1-877-771-COTN-2686.

XSAg.com, owned by XS, Inc., is the leading neutral online exchange, bringing together buyers and sellers of agricultural inputs.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Billy Warden at 919-848-2659. For more details on XSAg.com, please visit the Web site, www.XSAg.com.

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