The late Dr Norman Borlaug and granddaughter Julie Borlaug
One good thing that came out of the Dust Bowl was the Soil Conservation Service created in April 1935 just days after a horrendous dust storm now known as Black Sunday
Jim Swart checks an East Texas wheat field
Farm equipment like this early cotton stripper has gone through significant change over the past fifty years as have other aspects of agriculture
Mike Vande Logt left executive vice president and chief operating officer for WinField US chats with Ag Answer Tech Summit Showcase exhibitor Andy Vigna Field View
harvesting - data
Hairy vetch cover crop on the Texas AampM AgriLife Research station south of Chillicothe
Conservation tillage is an ongoing research project on the Stiles Farm
Drone adaptability to farm and ranch use was a featured part of the recent Stiles Farm field day
Studying the microbes in soil may prove to be gamechanging research for agriculture